Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance,  game and ceremony. It’s many benefits include exercise, self-defense, knowledge in singing, percussion instruments, history and philosophy. Founded and led by Mestre Cigano, Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira has been teaching Capoeira for over 20 years.

Grupo Liberdade offers capoeira classes for kids, teens and adults. We have locations in Newark, New Jersey , Las Vegas, Nevada and Porto Seguro,Bahia Brazil.

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Adult Capoeira Class

Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira – Capoeira Batizado 2014

Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira

Our Capoeira Batizado is on May 10, 2014. Mark your calendars!

Here’s video from our event last year!

Capoeira events take time, organization, and money. Help us out by donating to a great cause!

Download our Sponsorship Brochure: grupoliberdade-sponsorship-brochure

New schedule and pricing for NOVEMBER

The schedule change is as follows:

No more classes at the YMCA.

St. Stephen’s Grace Community
7 Wilson Ave. Newark, NJ
Tuesday and Thursday**********NEW

6:15pm to 7:30pm children

7:15pm to 8:30pm adults

1st Saturday Roda (all levels) 10 – 12pm

3rd Saturday Kid’s class 10 – 11:30 pm

Umoja Dance Studio
2120 Springfield Ave. Vauxhall, NJ

Monday and Wednesday

6:15pm to 7:30pm children

7:15pm to 8:30pm adults

Friday Roda (all levels) and more 6:15pm – 8:30 pm

$100 monthly
$120 monthly, Mon/Wed/Fri
$80 Tues/Thurs
Cross over classes (Monthly student – 2nd site) $5
VIP Unlimited card:  $250 for 25 classes! (both sites)
Exchange Student 9 card class: $100 used within the month at either site
Drop in rates (No monthly) $15